Sunday, November 11, 2018

Jack Ma

Biography of Jack Ma 

World Famous People - Jack Ma was born on September 10, 1964 in Hangzhou, Zhejiang, China. Jack Ma is a person who originally only worked as an English teacher in China now he becomes a successful billionaire from the country of China. That is because of his efforts called  

Jack Ma is the first Chinese businessman to appear in Forbes. In November 2014, he was named the number one richest person in the bamboo curtain country or China and as the 18th richest person in the world.

Jack Ma's current net worth is estimated at around US $ 26.5 billion. His parents were musicians and storytellers at that time in the country of the curtain. In childhood Jack Ma developed his aspirations to learn English. What is unique about Jack Ma while studying English is that he has to ride a bicycle to a hotel near his house every day for 45 minutes of his journey from home just to chat with strangers.

Jack Ma first started building websites for Chinese companies with the help of friends in the United States. He said that "the day we got connected to the Web, I invited friends and TV people to my home," and on a dial-up connection it's very slow, "we waited three and a half hours and got half a page ... We drink, watch TV and play cards, wait. But I am very proud. I am proven (for guests of my house) the Internet exists. "

At the 2010 conference, Ma revealed that she never actually wrote code or made one sale to a customer. He found the computer for the first time at the age of thirty-three.

In 1995, Ma founded China Yellowpages, believed to be the first Chinese internet-based company. From 1998 to 1999, Ma headed for an information technology company founded by the China International Commerce Electronic Center, the Ministry of Foreign Trade and Economic Cooperation. He founded Alibaba in 1999, a China-based business market site that currently serves more than 79 million members from more than 240 countries and regions. In September 2014 Alibaba announced raising $ 20 billion in an IPO. Ma now serves as Executive Chair of the Alibaba Group, which is a holding company with nine main subsidiaries -, Taobao Marketplace, Tmall, eTao, Alibaba Cloud Computing, Juhuasuan,, and Alipay.

May Jack Ma's success story inspire you to continue working, thanks.


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