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Alexander Graham Bell

World Famous People

Alexander Graham Bell

World Famous People - Alexander Graham Bell, Phone inventor

Currently the communication between people more easily because the already existing telephone facilities which are very helpful in everyday life. Then who is the most instrumental figure behind the discovery of the phone? He was Alexander Graham Bell, who first discovered this communication tool.
Bell was born on March 3, 1847 in Edinburgh, Scotland. Bell comes from a family who attach great importance to education. Her father is a psychologist and elocution named Alexander Melville Bell, Alexander Bell, while his grandfather was a professor elucution.
After completing his studies at the University of Edinburgh and University College in London, Bell decided to make into his father's assistant. He helps people with disabilities to learn to speak with the hearing that the method has been applied by his father, which considering the position of the speaker's lips and tongue.
At the time he settled in London, Bell had learned about an experiment conducted by Hermann Ludwig von Helmholtz form of the tuning fork and the magnet that can generate a loud sound. Then in 1865 the new Bell-depth learning more about the sound that comes out of his mouth when speaking.
Bell increasingly interested in everything connected with the sounds, so he does not mind when it came to teach at Sarah Fuller, of Boston, which is a special school deaf people in 1870, besides Bell also worked as a tutor. And when he was appointed professor of psychology at Boston University in 1873, Bell held a special meeting for the teachers who deal with students who have hearing disabilities.
Bell spent nearly his entire life time to take care of education of people with disabilities of hearing and even then he founded the American Association to promotes the Theahing of Speech to the Deaf.
Bell began to conduct research using phonatograph, multiple telegraph and electric speaking telegraph from 1873 to 1976 funded by the two fathers of the pupils. One of the funds are physically Gardiner Hubbard who has a daughter named Mabel deaf ears, this is the woman who later became Bell's wife.

Bell later expressed his desire to create a means of communication with the transmission of electric waves. Bell also invites his friend Thomas Watson for helping provide equipment. Research carried out by using a magnetic regulator for delivering voice and sound to be transmitted, this event occurred on June 2, 1875.
Finally, Bell's work creates a phone receiver and transmitter that shape the form of a thin vinyl that is placed in front of the electromagnet. New on February 14, 1876 Bell patented his invention, but by the U.S. Patent Office this invention of new Bell officially patented on March 7 for the "electric speaking telephone."
Bell continues to update his findings and for the first time he managed to send a sentence reads, "Watson, come here, I want you" on March 10, 1876.

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