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Michael Schumacher

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Michael Schumacher

Michael Schumacher was born on January 3, 1969 in Hi¼rth-Hermi¼hlheim, Germany. He is a Formula 1 pilot and compets for the Ferrari Team being considered one of the most talented race pilots.

Biography and Career :

He has a brother, Ralf, who is also a Formula 1 pilot. Michael is married to Corinna and they have two kids Gina Maria and Mick.

He was keen of racings since his childhood. He won the German Championship of carting at juniors in 1984 and 1985 and in 1987 he won the title of the seniors.

In 1985 he became the vice champion of the world at carting and in 1987 he became European champion.

In 1988 he won the national title for Koenig Formula and he became European vice-champion for Formula Ford.

An year later, he was promoted in Formula 3, the German serie
s, where he won the 3rd place.

In 1990 and 1991 he won the Formula 3 and participated at the World Championship of Prototype Sport with the Sanber Mercedes team.

Even if he abandoned because of technical problems he made a good impresion in his debute in Formula 1.

Immediately after the race in Belgium, Michael Schumacher signed with Benetton-Ford team, recomended by Tom Walkinshaw.

With Benetton he succed his first podium-The Great Prize of Mexico in 1992, won his first race in the great Prize of Belgium in the same year, but also his first two mondial champion titles in 1994 with Benetton-Ford and in 1995 with Benetton-Renault.

In the autumn of 1995 he signed with Ferrari and had his first race in the Great Prize of Australia.

In 1999 he helped his team to win the champion titles in the constructors after 16 years of losing. Next year he won his third champion title, the first for Ferrari since 1979.

He equled Alain Prost's record of four champion title in 2001 and in 2002 fangio's record of five. He continued to win the champion title in 2003 and 2004, that year he won 13 of 18 races, also a world record.

His domination was broken in 2005 when Fernando Alonso won the title, though we can say Michael has an excuse: his team couldn't adaptate well to FIA reglementation that season.

At the end of the race which counted for the Great Prize of Italy 2006, in Monza, Michael announced his retirement and also won the race. The person who will replace him would be Kimi Raikkonen.

Trivia :

- His role at Ferrari in 2007 will involve talent-scouting in the karting ranks.
- In late November 2006, Maranello in Italy conferred an honorary citizenship on him for his service to Ferrari.
- He is an ambassador for UNESCO.
- He was listed as thirtieth on Forbes' Celebrity 100 list for 2006. In 2005, Forbes ranked him 17th.
- On June 1 2006, he broke the unofficial lap record at Circuit de Catalunya during testing with a best lap of 1:13.471s.

Quotes :

- "I like to share my life, and spend time with someone I love. That has worked 100 per cent with my wife."

- "I will do everything I can to bring the Number One to Ferrari. The whole team and all the fans deserve it."

- "My overriding memory of childhood is having the freedom to decide which way to go in life and having my parents' support."

Important Results :

- World Champion: 1994, 1995, 2000, 2001, 2002, 2003, 2004
- Great Prizes disputed: 247
- Victories: 91
- Pole positions: 68
- Fast tours: 75
- First Race: Great Prize of Belgium 1991
- First podium: Great Prize of Mexico 1992
- First Victory: Great Prize of Belgium 1992
- First pole position: Great Prize of Monte Carlo 1994
- Last Race: Great Prize of Brazil 2006


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