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Gonzalo Higuaín

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Gonzalo Higuaín

Gonzalo Gerald Higuaín (Brest, Finisterre, France; 10 of December of 1987) are an Argentine soccer player born in France. It made debut professionally in the first Argentine division playing for River Plate, equipment in which one evolved soccer until the conclusion of Opening 2006. From January of 2007 it militates in the rows of Real Madrid, club to which it was transferred in December of 2006.

He is the third son of the famous defender Jorge “the Pipe” Higuaín and brother of the player Federico Higuaín. It left France at the age of ten months and it did not return until the Glass of the World of 1998. There although French nonspeech, owns the passport of this country to have been born.
River Plate

Gonzalo Gerald Higuaín made debut in the first Argentine division the 29 of May of 2005 in the defeat of River Plate against Gymnastics and Fencing of the Silver by 2-1, in day 15 of Closing 2005. The 8 of October of 2006 marked 2 goals in front of Juniors Mouth (one of I mark and another one eluding to the rival doorman) in the superclassic one of Argentine soccer, where River overcame by 3-1 being he it figure of the party next to its companion Fernando Belluschi. His trainer at that time, Daniel Passarella, declared that he had a “enormous future” and that was “destined to being a superstar”.

In August of 2006 the Athletic Club River Plate sold 50% of his happens through 6 million Euros to the group Average Sports Investment, which belongs the Iranian industralist Kia Joorabchian. Due to his activities, it was rumored that great equipment like A.C. Milan, S.S. Lazio, Manchester United or Chelsea tried to him. After the signing of the Real Madrid of another young South American Rep it, Marcelo, was speculated on more with the possible signing of two of quoted the players noveles of the Argentine league, Fernando Gago de Boca Juniors and own Gonzalo Higuaín. Both crossings ended up being carried out.
Real Madrid

The 14 of December of 2006 the River Plate reached an agreement with Real Madrid after the sale of the player franc-Argentinean by 12 million Euros, according to official numbers. After finalizing Opening 2006 it was transferred to Real Madrid, with a contract of 6 year and a half of duration. His first declarations as white player were “Are brilliant to have the opportunity to play in a as important club as Real Madrid. I feel proud of which they have paid attention to me”. Its presentation with Real Madrid took place in the Stage Santiago Bernabéu day 21 of December of the 2006. Its debut with the Madrilenian equipment, arrived day 11 of January of 2007 against the Real Betis in Seville; the result was of 0-0. Its debut in League arrived 3 days later, the 14 of January of 2007, against the Real Saragossa, in house. Higuaín participated creating numerous occasions of goal and giving the attendance of the unique goal of the encounter, that was worth to him to Madrid to take the victory.
Its first goal in Spanish Liga arrived the 24 from February, in the party of the second return that faced to him the Athletic one of Madrid in derbi Madrilenian, marking to the goal of the tie (1-1) in the Stage Vicente Calderón. Its goleador opening in the Stage Santiago Bernabéu in the last took place before the RCD Espanyol moment of the party, marking the last one of the cuatros goals of its equipment (4-3) when the tie stood out in the marker. In the end, this it was as much that it allowed Madrid to gain the league title, because thanks to this victory leader was placed and he did not leave the position in which he remained of campaign.

In season 2007-08, still playing of intermittent way, it attended Robben so that it tied and she was the author of the goal that culminated the overcome one of its equipment against the Osasuna (1-2), that allowed Real Madrid mathematically to proclaim champion of League by second consecutive year. As a result of that goal one became a hero for the madridista liking. In spite of this, Higuaín later returned to the bench four days in the classic one of Spanish soccer, party in which the FC Barcelona realised the corridor to Madrid to obtain the championship prematurely and where the Argentine player wrote down the third goal, leaving in second half, in one of the made goals majors of Real Madrid to its maximum rival (4-1).

In season 2008-09 the opportunity of being appeared to him to title due to the serious injury that underwent the Dutch forward Ruud van Nistelrooy, but not in the same position of forward of area (“9 of area”), but a little but delayed. Thanks to this it presents his great quality game and is key in the equipment, becoming thus one of the revulsive ones of the equipment in the ligueros encounter. That campaign, the forward was devoted like one of the great promises of world-wide soccer as a result of spectacular parties, as the disputed encounter 8 of November of the 2008 in that it marked 4 goals a great Malaga CF, giving him victory to its equipment by 4-3 in Santiago Bernabéu.

The most memorable party of the year and perhaps of its race as madridista was perhaps that one in which Madrid overcame, in a very difficult encounter before the Getafe, a 1-2 (the first goal of its equipment already had been work hers) in five minutes thanks to spectacular trallazo from outside the area with the left leg, after avoiding to its compatriot Tasting Diaz in minute 93, which allowed him to follow the wake in league of the FC Barcelona de Josep Guardiola. Considering the very bad season that step the Real one was increasing its weight in the eleven initial, until ending up becoming an important player of Madrid. To thus they altogether demonstrate to its 22 goals in league (maximum liguero goleador of the equipment) and its 24 it (maximum total goleador of the club next to Raul, with other 24). This year also is the maximum goleador of the equipment, not thus Raul, who does not enjoy minutes.
National selection

Gonzalo was summoned for the Selection of soccer of youthful Argentina sub 18, but as France (its country of birth) does not allow the double citizenship, he decided not to obtain the Argentinean not to lose the French. This would prevent him, besides playing for the selection of its country, to have communitarian passport, something very important nowadays at the time of being transferred Europe. Therefore, it decided to resign to this call. Even so, the player indicated his intention to dress celestial and the white one, and who if he arrived the day would be a difficult decision to take with the family.

In France they compared its race with the one of David Trézéguet, whose father also is Argentine and ended up playing with the French selection. In November of 2006 it was summoned by Raymond Domenech to play with France in a friendly one in front of Greece, but it returned to refuse also to its country of origin and decided not to play for no until outside transferred the old continent.

In January of the 2007, after an arduous investigation, player it managed to find the point legal that the Argentine nationality without losing the communitarian passport allowed him to become, thanks to the fact that the law of neither countries questions the other citizenship whereas the applicant has not decided on the Argentine nationality from the date of expedition of the French certificate of nationality to the majority of age. This finding can allow him in the future to play for the selection that it prefers without losing his European communitarian passport.

Finally Higuaín was summoned by Sergio Batiste for a preparatory friendly party for the Olympic games. The 6 of February of 2008 make debut against Selection of soccer of Guatemala, being the author of two goals where its selection gained 6 to him to 0 to Guatemala. [7] In spite of it, the party was not considered by the FIFA as an encounter the International To, reason why tells neither to their goals nor the disputed be it.

In September of the 2009, first call arrives the moment from his at the Argentina Selection of the hand of Diego Arming Maradona. It declared “Is an immense joy and that hoped long ago. Now I am going to try to do all the possible one so that the Selection obtains the classification to the World-wide one”

The 10 of October its first party like player of the Argentina Selection was celebrated, this it gambled against Peru and the Pipita (nickname with that is known it in Argentina) was the one who turned the first goal of a party that finished 2-1 in favor of Argentina, Martin Palermo would still mark the second leaving the Argentina Selection with possibilities of participating in next the World-wide one of South Africa 2010.

Maradona aligned to Higuaín of titling next to Messi in the albiceleste advantage for the last party of classification in front of Uruguay. Higuaín was replaced by Mario Bolatti that would mark the goal doing that the party that played historical Higuaín outside since Argentina never had won to Uruguay in the Centennial Stage.

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