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Biography of Cleopatra

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Cleopatra was born in 69 BC in Alexandria which was the capital of Egypt at the time. Cleopatra father's was the Pharaoh of Egypt when she was born and his name is Ptolemy XII. In 51 BC Cleopatra father's died and since Cleopatra was the eldest child, Cleopatra inherited the throne of Egypt with my brother Ptolemy XIII.

At age 18, Cleopatra was the queen of Egypt which was not an easy job. The Romans were conquering city after city and they were even beginning to gain control over Egypt when Cleopatra took the throne. Keeping the Romans from completely taking over my land was a struggle in itself. Along with that, Cleopatra had enemies to contend with. People were jealous that Cleopatra was so intelligent (Cleopatra knew 9 languages) and that Cleopatra was an independent ruler. Cleopatra ruled for 3 years until Cleopatra was overthrown by one of my father’s advisors. Cleopatra was forced to leave Egypt and move to Syria while my younger brother became the sole ruler of Egypt. But Cleopatra don’t give up so easily.

Cleopatra was furious that my brother agreed to this. Cleopatra found out that the Roman general, Julius Caesar, was in Alexandria and Cleopatra devised a plan to enter into the city of Alexandria to make a plea to him. Cleopatra couldn’t simply walk into the city or my brother would have me imprisoned or worse. So, Cleopatra had myself wrapped in an oriental rug and had the rug offered as a gift to Caesar. When the rug was unrolled, Cleopatra tumbled out. Though I’m known in modern day to have been a great beauty, Cleopatra truly wasn’t. But my charm overtook the powerful Caesar and it was love at first sight.

My brother felt he had been betrayed and he declared war against Caesar and his Roman army. My brother died in the war and Caesar gained control of the throne of Alexandria. Caesar restored the throne to me. Again, Cleopatra was the queen of Egypt and was worshipped as a Pharaoh. Caesar and Cleopatra had a son together but a short time later, Caesar died.

Upon his death, Rome began to divide.Cleopatra knew that Cleopatra had to stay in favor with the Romans so that they would not take the throne of Egypt away from me. When Mark Antony prevailed as ruler of the Roman Empire, Cleopatra supported him. He and Cleopatra eventually fell in love, but the Romans were not happy about our love. They felt he was giving away the Roman Empire by allowing me control over Egypt.

Fortune turned against us in 30 BC. Octavian was a man who was also in line for the throne of the Roman Empire. He was not fond of Mark Antony or myself, and he declared war on Egypt. He defeated my beloved Mark Antony and then had me arrested. At the age of 39 Cleopatra died in honor and was the last Pharaoh of Egypt.


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