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Andoni Zubizarreta

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Andoni Zubizarreta

Born October 23, 1961.
Country Spain
Position Goalkeeper
Club career: "Aretksabaleta" (1977-1979), "Alaves" (1979-1981), Athletic Club Bilbao (1981-1986), Barcelona (1986-1994), Valencia (all Spain) (1994 -- 1998).
At the national championships (D-1) had 622 Match: Athletic Club Bilbao (169), Barcelona (301), Valencia (152).
Spain squad 1985-1998: Held 126 matches.
. Titles: Champion of Spain 1983, . 1984, . 1991-1994, . Cup Spain 1984, . 1988, . 1990, . Spanish Super Cup 1992, . 1993, . The winner of the Champions League 1992, . European Super Cup Winner 1992, . The winner of the Cup Winners Cup 1984, . Finalist Champions League 1994, . Best goalkeeper of Spain 1987, . Member of 1986 FIFA World Cup, . 1990, . 1994, . 1998.,
. According to the IFFHS occupies the 23rd place in the list of the best goalkeepers of the twentieth century

Whatever may have been different in life and on the football field goalkeeper Andoni Zubizarreta and striker Julio Salinas, they have much in common. Both were born in Euskadi (Basque Country): Zubizarreta - in Vitoria, Salinas - in Bilbao. Each of them at different times, passed through the "Alaves, Atletico Madrid and Barcelona, being in the clubs on the leading roles. Significant impact on the career development of these fubolistov had Javier Clemente, thanks to which they have hitherto. Finally, and Zubizarreta, and Salinas, appears to have been able to find their place in the new life which is closely linked with their past. Basques left out of football, the Basques have returned to football.

Andoni Zubizarreta - one of the few players in modern history, participated in four consecutive world championships. Parts of it were the football universe, Alaves, Atletico Madrid, Barcelona and Valencia, but the most vivid moments career Zubizarreta associated with Spain. In its composition, he made his debut at Euro 84, held in France, and 14 years later, here, at the world championships in 1998, finished his career at 36 years of age and the rank of captain,. Behind him were 4 Mundialya, 126 appearances for the national team, a lot of stupid mistakes and even more unimaginable "SAVE".

. During his career, he grew six times champion of Spain, won the Cup three times and the Super Bowl of the country, one at a time - the Champions League and UEFA Cup
. On his decision to hang up his boots after the match announced Subhi championship Ispanii-97/98 between Valencia and Tenerife: "I'll play at the world championships and then go out of Football". True, the funeral could not come a moment sooner, and not on its own volition. In the two months before the WC-98 on one of the workouts Zubizarreta was injured leg, which could well put a premature end to his career. In the end, everything worked out, but this was interrupted one of his famous series: 72 consecutive matches without substitutions in the championships in Spain.

. In general, since its appearance in Valencia in sezone-94/95 and before the episode, he missed only four games in four years
. In fairness it should be noted that the beautiful care of a large football at Zubizarreta failed. The result was an extremely awkward. For 17 minutes before the final group stage match against Nigeria, the Spaniards were in a 2:1, and it seemed that nothing will ever be able to prevent them from winning. However awkward mistake Zubizarreta, cut the ball into the net, which was started Nigerian Laval along the gate, turned everything upside down. And then Oliseh irresistibly struck in the corner, sending Spain first butt with a stubborn Paraguay, and then vent his anger on unspent sports Bulgaria. And although in these two matches Subhi missed only one ball, and his team took 4 points from 6 possible, this was not enough to reach the 1 / 8 finals.

. After FM-98 Zubizarreta decided to return to their homeland in the Basque Country, where he moved in 1986
. For a time he needed to have to adjust to life in Euskadi, for which he was able to observe only the part, but he always felt the unbreakable link with her: "I felt and feel a deep voice. Bascom first ". Then Subhi still did not know, he will remain in the world of football, or will other kind of activity, good choice he was quite rich. During the time that has elapsed since his departure, the former captain of Spain worked in the Spanish football federation, he also represented his country's candidature for election of the country - organizer of the UEFA EURO 2004. For comparison: at a similar event on the definition of venue for 2006 World Cup, England "promoted Bobby Charlton and Germany - Franz Beckenbauer, a cult figure for these countries. This Zubizarreta time to speak on radio and television as an expert and commentator on football matches. Later goalie record-acting adviser to the Olympic Stadium in Seville ", studying the infrastructure, organization of tournaments and attracting commercial advertisers.

. Among his achievements include conducting Cup final in Seville, Spain-2001 between Celta Vigo and Real Zaragoza "
. They say that has not been without its ties to the football federation, but the rumors were never rumors. Some detractors also resented the fact that he practically lived in this city, which, however, did not prevent him cope with its responsibilities. Perhaps more Zubizarreta came to the role of goalkeeping coach, but who led the "Athletic" Jupp Haynkess brought with him his compatriot Wolfgang Yungansa, at one time worked in the "Bavaria". By the way, . Subhi opinion, . that with the introduction of new rules of the role of the goalkeeper in the team fell, . although still requires self-confidence and psychological stability: Goalkeeper must not think about, . that if he makes a mistake on this Sunday, . then the next sit on the bench. ",

. President of Atletico Madrid, Javier Zubizarreta urial considers the cornerstone of his new project, and leaves him full authority in his field
. Former goalkeeper of Spain serves as a bridge between the first team and other categories, "Athletics" and tries to do everything to ensure that they have evolved in one direction, danced one dance. The responsibilities Zubizarreta also includes participation in decisions regarding the purchase and sale of certain players, . and the last word in these matters will be just for him: "Jupp told me about their requests, . and I'll have them in mind, . because we want to work cohesively, . shoulder to shoulder,
. But I'm not going to prevent the spread of errors, advising the coach that he is, in my opinion, has to do with the team. "

. The new sports director of Athletics, said he would adhere to the "historic line," but it is going to prove the skeptics are tubers policy of limited, even staying in Bilbao, you do not know the boundaries
. It is known that Atletico Madrid have traditionally been invited into their ranks, not only foreigners, but the Spaniards. "Only the Basques" - the motto at the time of chart on the club emblem. However Basque abound throughout the world, in Argentina alone, there are about three million people with Basque roots, even in the third or fourth generation. Zubizarreta convinced the club to look at the South American continent and went as a pioneer in Buenos Aires and Santiago, . where he held meetings with representatives of Boca Juniors, . River Plate, . "Argentinos Juniors, . "Colo-Colo and Universidad de Chile",
. And as it turned out, on the South American continent at the "Athletics" quite a lot of loyal fans who keenly interested in the affairs that take place in Bilbao, and do not feel isolated from the Basque culture.

. Zubizarreta, many have called the Basque Valdano, alluding to the fact that he performs almost all the same functions and duties as the Argentinian in the "Reale"
. Subhi himself believes that, compared with Valdano he has one big advantage: "To search and view the players enough for me car, while Jorge is mainly to take the airplane and spend most of your time traveling. One could say that Jorge was a pioneer, but unlike him, I concentrate on football matters. Nevertheless, we have much in common - at least what we are doing the same job. True, he does everything possible to make a strong Real Madrid, and I - "Athletic".


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